Fenêtre en


Autumn-Winter ´19

On an ordinary morning of winter, some timid rays of light enter through the half-open shutters. The breeze blows the curtains while the children have a steamy cup of milk. Later on, they will get into the adventure of an untold story under the sill, or play with each other hiding behind the curtains.


And thus, one after the other, the scenes will succeed each other. Details of their daily life that take place around a window. An opening in their room that allows them to see the world outside accompanying them since the sun rises until it sets.


Made of clear or colored glass, with curtains or shutters, with a myriad of shapes and sizes and, at the end, each one of them with its distinct character and personality. The window, that beyond being that ordinary element that illuminates and warms rooms, is a magic hollow that frames landscapes and makes us dream of new worlds.



Is an allegory to the window and those things that, in addition to being necessary in our day-to-day life, have the capacity to attribute essence to what they are part of. This is why collars, cuffs and pockets become the true theme of this new collection. Emphasized with the inclusion of details, they are the hollows in the garments and fill each design with character and personality.


The colors of their natural fabrics are inspired by the changing landscapes during the fall. Rusted, yellow and green colors combine with grey and blue generating a varying palette of mineral colors.


Fenêtre is a tribute to the intrinsic beauty of the world around us and the ability that we have to transform it through observation, into something new and surprising and into the real protagonist of our daily stories.