Sobre nosotros

ANNICE was born seeking to give the way children are dressed a twist. The combination of tradition, minimalism and details, gives rise to a very personal and distinct style to contemporary clothing that, without being childish and classic, is perfect for children.

Our purpose is to give an ordinary elegance for their everyday life.


Every piece is conceived to make the difference and is meant to thrill through the beauty of its own design. At this moment in our lives, in which everything is global and full of haste, we have opted for the leisurely design full of personality. Through small gestures and the care of detail, our garments become small unique pieces. As unique and special as the child who wears them.


Our training as architects allows us to approach our daily work from another point of view and in relationship with different methods employed in other fields of design. Architecture is inevitably our ultimate point of reference and this is especially apparent in how we conceptualize lines, proportion or volumes.


Our garments are rich and versatile, full of timeless beauty, comfortable and sustainably sourced.


With no other ornaments than the details themselves, like a stitch, a fold or a button, the fabrics and colors round off the design, enhancing its expressiveness. A pleat continuity, the position of a pocket or the shape of a sleeve, are the guidelines of our patterns.


Based in Barcelona, our collections are designed with quality fabrics that come from local suppliers and slowly manufactured in workshops which are closed to or own atelier, following the philosophy of  “0km”. We believe in ethical practices and work with manufactures that uphold our values.